Windows 10 not booting after deploy

  • Hello,

    I believe I have successfully uploaded a Windows 10 image to my server and can deploy it to a client machine, but the machine doesn't boot after the image has finished deploying.

    Let me know if you can help.


  • please attach upload and deploy logs

  • Here you go

  • Looks like two things are going on here.

    First you appear to be using dynamic disks, the Windows version of LVM. I have not incorporated any support for this, however it may work, but it will also limit what you can do.

    Second you are not booting your EFI system in EFI mode. Therefore the nvram cannot be updated to boot properly.

    To be honest if you must stick with dynamic disks I would probably look for another solution, otherwise I would convert to basic.

  • OK thanks, I'll give that a try. I switched to dynamic when I was messing with some settings.