Clonedeploy fails to mount SMB share

  • Need some help here with this. I had a previous install of Clonedeploy as a FreeNAS plugin but since it was pulled from the repository I wanted to move it to a dedicated machine so that I could get the latest version up and working.

    I have setup new install of Clonedeploy on Centos7. I have applied the patches up to 1.3.3. When I boot my desktops using PXE and go into Clonedeploy to upload an image it fails saying that it can't access my SMB share that I have setup. I can access the share from my desktop servers and from the Centos7 server running Clonedeploy using the smbclient and a mount -t cifs specifing the cd_share_rw user and password. It only fails when booting into Clonedeploy via PXE. I also notice that on the home page for the GUI it shows that it can't access my primary distribution point and getting an error in the logs like the below.

    2017-12-26 07:30:44,278 [Threadpool worker] ERROR CloneDeploy_Services.FilesystemServices Failed to connect to \<MY SMB IP ADDRESS>\cd_share LastError = 0

    Any thoughts?

  • It looks like your SMB is on a different server, correct?

    Have you followed this guide, for alternate storage location on remote server?

  • Yes, your understanding is correct. I am trying to use my FreeNAS server for the SMB share as there is where all my storage lies. The CentOS7 box doesn't have but 100G OS drive.

    If I understand the documentation you directed me to the the option for the distribution point being "remote" instead of "local" doesn't really work? Basically all the documentation says it to mount the SMB share to the local server and then set it up as a "local" distribution point and share it out from the local server. Is that correct?

  • The remote option in the webui only works for windows. For Linux, you need to use local and mount it on the server. You'll share it out from the FreeNAS server. Clients will connect to FreeNAS smb share, not clonedeploy server. There is also some freenas info here.

  • Okay, I think I am following you now. I will put all this together and give it a shot.