Stuck in PXE boot every time

  • Hi
    I am still using the CrucibleWDS because all my images are in there and never had any problems with it untill now and since there isn't any other point of contact for crucibleWDS i try asking here.

    I am trying to pull an image of a brand new Dell E5570 laptop that has Windows 10 installed, so I PXE boot and I get into the menu where I need to select 'on demand', I select that and it starts loading but then it just stops and doesn't continue.

    this is where it stops and I have no idea why, I can read Segmentation fault but have no clue what is causing the fault.
    Anybody have any clue why and how to fix it?
    Never had any problems when pulling images from other laptops or pc's that run W7, could W10 be a reason why it halts?

    Then I have some other question about CloneDeploy.
    If we should change to CloneDeploy in the future, is it possible to transfer the images from crucibleWDS to CloneDeploy, and how?

    Thanks in advance

  • This is most likely some type of hardware issue with the kernel. Is this efi or legacy bios?

    You cannot use CWDS images with CD. You would need to deploy from your CWDS server and then re-upload the image onto the CD server.

  • I am booting with legacy bios. This is very strange stuff because other Dell laptops like E5550 and E5450 which are same family and about the same age don't have problems to upload or deploy images :s this is the first time i've encountered this error.

    Are there things i could try or workarounds that you might know of?

  • I get this same error intermittently on our 2010 white macbooks. Odd thing is sometimes just rebooting it again takes care of it and it goes passed the error.

  • You could try using one of the CloneDeploy kernels, i'm not sure if it would work though.