Error after cancelling

  • I'm getting this screen (image in attachement) if I cancel when choosing any of the tasks (deploy, upload, multicast) or no multicast session was selected. I had it in version 1.3.2 so I've updated to 1.3.3 but it's still the same. Beside that everything works fine but clonedeploy is used by other employees and they freak out a bit when they see this.

    I forgot to mention that I edited boot menu to add On demand option and set it as default. I checked that if I use Clonedeploy option in boot menu everything works fine. So it's must be on demand option that cause that error. Can something be done to fix this? On demand option in boot menu is very important for me.

  • Is the computer registered?

  • No, we use mostly unregistered multicasts.

  • I managed to edit core scripts to work the way I need and to avoid this error screen. So case closed.