The GPT table is Damaged and Cannot be Saved

  • I installed Windows 10, did a test image upload and it worked fine. Got my image how I wanted with specific software and then went to upload image and now I get these errors. I had another disk that I was going to use before all of this and it gave the same errors so i thought it was a disk issue(especially after creating a fresh disk and getting a successful upload.) "the GPT table is damaged and cannot be saved" among others (see attached) Any thoughts?

  • Is there any software that could be doing something to the partition table? Since the upload worked before you installed all the software, that would be my guess. Is there any security software?

  • AVG is the only security software related install. Basic Stuff really. Office 2016, some educational tools.

  • Hi mstover

    I've got the same issue, also with a Windows 10 installation that has just been configured with basic software.

    Did you ever find a solution for this?

  • We had problems with McAfee AV software and imaging, which led to not install AV on image, and installing it afterwards, after deployment.