Cd_proxyd : system error 1067 has occurred

  • Hi.
    I successfully used clonedeploy by making bootable usb and booting the clients off it. All works fine. But i use a home router and want to use the pxe option. i managed to install the CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP service. But it gives error when trying to start it. i typed 'net start cd_proxyd' in the elevated command prompt. (using win10 pro 64bit) but i get error : 'System error 1067 has occurred.'
    'The process terminated unexpectedly.' it is the same machine (win10) where i have installed clonedeploy server. the cd server is working fine.

  • Can you verify the path for the exe is correct in services.msc?

  • Also have you tried running proxy from a command line with the --debug flag instead of a service.

  • yes. the path to exe is correct in services.msc. when i run service with debug flag it gives errror: 'could not bind' . 'Ensure the interface is correct and the ports are not in use.' I didnt understand the binding to interface part in documentation. what number should i exactly put in config.ini , interface=, option? i have put the ip of my home router. i.e. . That router is a simple dumb router that assigns the dhcp address and connects to internet via pppoe.

  • Hey!! problem solved!
    Now i got it. the interface option should have the nic cards ip . i.e. ip of pc/machine where cdproxy dhcp service is installed. now service is up and running. thanks.