Start Computer Task Selected Computers

  • I have noticed this happen a few times and I am not sure exactly what is going on.

    On the Start Computer Task module.
    When selecting some computers normally a lot (20 or so) normally skipping some in the order of the list. Once I click on deploy selected it will pop up with a confirmation and once I confirm the tasks never process. When they do not process there isn't a confirmation message of it being successful.

    I think this is amount that I am selecting but it could also be that they are not in order? I can do some testing or get you a log if you need it. Thanks!

  • Have you been able to consistently replicate this? I cannot. What version are you on?

  • Sorry for the late response.
    Version 1.3.3
    Yeah pretty consistently. I have a total of 81 computers. I will select from the list 6, 10-18, 24-36 and hit deploy it will ask yes or no. I hit yes and nothing happens. If I just do 6, 10-18 it's fine. I can go back and do another task with the other 24-36 and it works as well.

    I know this worked in the last build I used but I can't remember if it was 1.3.1 or a 1.2 version

  • Thanks, I'll look into this some more, but right now I don't see how this could be happening. Each task is started individually not as a whole. If one fails to start it should have no impact on starting the others. I'll try to dig a little deeper.

  • It almost seems like it is not sending the selected computers at all. Like sending an empty array. Maybe it has to do with skipping 2 computers in a list that are not in order.