Multicast Options for Group

  • Hi,

    I do multicast on several vlan. I have more than 300 different Machine dump.
    I already saw that we could modify multicast option in image profiles, but I think
    It would be useful to add this feature to groups. this way we could set the multicast options regarding vlans.

    Not sure I'm clear.


  • I get what your saying and it actually was this way in older versions. I'm trying to keep the image profiles as the control process for imaging. If you make multiple image profiles for each vlan and assign them to the group, it is effectively the same thing. If you have a lot of images this could be some more work but I think it works. I won't rule out your idea completely though.

  • Yes it'll work.

    But as I said I, have more than 300 images, 28 possible vlans to deploy to. So for me it means 8400 images profiles. I have only one workaround : find how the profiles are stored and create script that will create them for each image.

    I know that my request is not standard, so if it's not possible or require too much work (and I easily imagine it will be the case), I'll try to find a workaround.

    At least thanks for all what you have done.

  • I understand, I'm just trying to make sure we are on the same page and not duplicating something that already exists.

    If a group is assigned an image and a vlan wouldn't the math work out the same?
    Wouldn't you need to create 8400 groups?

    The profiles are just in the database, you could easily script the necessary input.

  • I just saw that profiles are stored in one mysql table so I can easily script their creation.

    Now regarding the group managing, no I would not need to create 8400 groups.
    On the base A group = A Vlan, I create my 28 Groups, then for instance I just have to select the right image (using default profile) in the group 1 settings just before my multicast. Then I start the multicast.

    And next time if the image change for group 1 I just have to select to right image and start the multicast.

  • I see, makes sense. Shouldn't be hard to add this in, but I'm expecting to release anything new for at least a little while.

  • The only other option right now is to use the global multicast options. And change the vlan before starting each multicast.

  • No worries, I'll right now make a script that'll update image profiles. If once you have time to this it'll be really appreciated.
    Right now I'm doing tests. The good news for me : In the same condition your product is between 4 and 6 times faster than ghost!