Pxe boot with uefi is possible?

  • Hi,
    I want to boot on pxe with uefi computers with clonedeploy, computers are searching an NBP file then come back to the uefi menu.
    It's possible to boot on pxe uefi with clonedeploy ?
    I thanks you very much

  • Change your pxe mode to ipxe_efi or grub.
    Are you using proxy dhcp?

  • Yes, I use a DHCP server I have installed manualy, this is the correct ? or you have a CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP script to install on ubuntu ?

  • I have seen in the download section CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP zip package but it only for windows. Hence I have install isc-dhcp-server but I don't know if my config is ok to work well the clonedeploy unbuntu. I joint it in attach file below.
    Can you tell me ?.
    More when i change my pxe mode to ipxe_efi i wonder who the config of my DHCP server is modified my Clonedeploy boot in particular for the boot filemane include inside my dhcpd.conf. I make de mistake i think by putting the name of this file inside my dhcpd.conf ?????

  • If you want that your pxeboot.0 to be downloaded you have to also indicate your next server :

    next-server; (replace with your server IP)