Bypass username using USB boot client

  • I am running clonedeploy 1.0.1 on a Windows 10 home with 8GB ram. The install went smooth and can get into the GUI and configure setting and import existing images from another machine running the same clonedeploy version. However when I boot from my USB client it loads the main page and assigns a IP address but then prompts for a username, etc. I have the security all set to NO for requiring login and have generated new token, and boot files which I have copied to the correct folders on my USB drive.
    Need to know how to fix this so that it doesn't prompt for a username/password and can take me right into the image list.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Did you inlclude your new token in the Boot Menu? like

    [code]LABEL CloneDeploy
    kernel kernels/4.13.2
    append initrd=images/initrd.xz root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=156000 web= USER_TOKEN=6e26f9bd-8301-4e00-8271-9eefb8f17672 consoleblank=0
    MENU LABEL CloneDeploy[/code]

    When a new boot menu is generated, tokens are not automatically inlcuded.


  • [quote]When a new boot menu is generated, tokens are not automatically inlcuded.[/quote]
    They should be, is that not happening?

  • I just re-checked and I confirm: The token does not update in boot menu once generated in security tab, even if we confirm that we want to update the boot menu. It has to be done manually.

    As I know only this behaviour, I thought it was normal.

    I updated my post about bugs.

  • Let's make sure we are on the same page. The expected behavior for pxe is:
    Set/Update universal token->Confirm dialog->Click Yes->Redirects to boot menu page->Click create boot files.

    For iso/usb:
    Set/Update universal token->Confirm dialog->Click Yes->Redirects to boot menu page->iso/usb generator->Generate

    I think maybe the language is just off because it says create it now.

  • I have checked in the admin/boot menu and editor and the token(s) are all correct for all 3 listings (bios, efi32, efi64) I have even checked on my USB drive in the syslinux/syslinux.cfg and /EFI/boot/grub.cfg files and the tokens listed are correct.

  • Forget What I said. I found what i did wrong. The real bug was between the chair and the keyboard. I'll remove it from the list.

  • Well just an update, looks like a bad install of clonedeploy, when I got into work and installed the software on a different system (same windows 10, etc.) it looks to be working fine and didn't prompt for username/password. Sorry for trouble but thanks for the replies.