Can I ask how the proper way to setup Clonedeploy Cluster?

  • Can I ask how the proper way to setup Clonedeploy Cluster? I have setup primary cluster with 1.3.0 and 1.3.3 and secondary cluster and it will work and then stop working? where it stops working is trying to ipxe boot from secondary cluster proxyd, it just stops responding to requests like a timeout.

    Keep getting this from both servers CloneDeployFE.log:
    2018-02-07 20:51:45,776 [9] ERROR CloneDeploy_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Response Data Was Null For Resource: api/ActiveImagingTask/RecreatePermanentTasks/

  • You can ignore that error in the log it's not related.

    What stops responding the proxy server or the tftp server? Do you have only 1 proxy server?

  • proxyd on both servers don't stop responding just never allow client to pxe boot

  • It sounds like it could be the tftp server, but it's difficult to say.
    How long does it work for?
    Is it only requests for the secondary server that quit, does the primary keep working?
    I've never actually tested having 2 proxy servers, although I don't think it should matter. Putting it only on the primary should be enough. If the primary goes down, everything is down anyway.
    I'm still working on getting the cluster documentation setup

  • so I could run primary cluster and use that proxyd to boot of off seperate subnet?

    site to site vpn ties them together
    Primary 10.x.x.x
    secondary 10.4.x.x

    boot client to be imaged on 10.4.x.x and it gets 10.4.x.x address from proxyd on 10.4.x.x subnet and then downloads image from tftpboot to boot then boots to 10.x.x.x ipxe and then to clonedeploy menu.

    Then all of a sudden it stops working and will not boot from proxyd 10.4.x.x?

  • isn't proxyd/tftp on secondary cluster suppose to look to primary cluster server after client boots to start image and then hande of control again to secondary DP for the image? I have had it work and works great but seem to break randomly.

  • There are a lot of different ways the cluster can be utilized. Can you send a screenshot of your cluster group or groups if you are using more than one?

    Can the machines from each subnet talk to each server or are they firewalled off?