Can not restore images smb error

  • Hi All

    Im new to CD and can not restore images im getting the smb share error .
    i have gone through all the troubleshooting steps and found i have [server-ip] as the setting
    on the default distribution point . I changed that to the actual ip of the server and restarted but I still cant restore images
    i can upload OK .

    is it because I created the images whiles the server ip was not in the distribution point ? is there a way to fix this if so ?

  • I'm quite new to clone deploy but :

    In Admin Settings > Server > Server Ip /FQDN : is it the right IP?
    In Computers > "The machine you want to deploy on" > is there any alternate IP selected ?

  • Typically when you can upload but not deploy, it is a password problem with the read only account. Try re-entering the read only password for the distribution point, it could also have an incompatible character in it.

    The distribution point is allowed to have either the actual server ip or the [server-ip] placeholder. They both work, so that isn't the problem.