Modify winpe image to disabled firewall for multicast

  • Hi,
    I wanted to know if Firewall is Enable on WINPE clonedeploy Images, because I want to do multitast cloning using WinPE.
    If it is Enable it is possible de Disable it on WinPE image by Edit the image with IMAGEX and then to regenerate the WIM file?
    I thank you very much
    Thierry CARLOTTI

  • I didn't even know WinPE had a firewall. You can try this.
    Admin->Edit Core Scripts->Select wie_task_select.ps1 from the dropdown

    On line 3 after write-host put:
    [code]wpeutil DisableFirewall[/code]
    Click update

    Should now look like this:
    [code]. x:\wie_global_functions.ps1
    wpeutil DisableFirewall[/code]