How to configure PXE boot auto login and straight to image selection

  • I started testing clonedeploy and it looks promising. Well done. I cannot figure out few things. Searched the forum but could not find straight forward answer.

    1. I do not want the password prompt when booted from the pxe. I know the setting is in webui->admin settings->security. The question is what is the setting to achieve this?
    2. Is there a way to skip the prompt to enter the computer name while deloying an image?

    What I want is to boot from pxe, straight go in to the image selection and select the appropriate image and the machine cloned with that image.

    Thanks in advance. Cheers

  • Hi, I can answers the first question :

    [code]-Admin Settings > Security > On Demand : Enabled
    -Admin Settings > Security > On Demand Require Login : No
    -Admin Settings > Security >Add Computer Requires Login: No if you don't want to login when register a new PC
    -Admin Settings > Security > Universal Token : Generate
    -Admin Settings > Security > Update Security Settings
    -Admin Settings > Boot Menu > Create Boot File
    -Admin Settings > Boot Menu > Editor : Check your boot menu have USER_TOKEN="your generated token", else put it manually and save changes[/code]