CD log's

  • Does CD generate log files when doing deploys/uploads? And if it does where would I find the log file at.


  • Yes, if it's on demand, they are under admin settings->logs->on demand

    if it's registered it's under computers->search->view->logs

  • I not getting the computer name function to work with my images.
    I do sysprep the image before capturing it to CD with an unattend.xml file.
    Also looking at the log there is two spots that were it says it can't find the unattend file. But another section where it does. I have attached both files. Hopefully someone can point out my error(s).

    thanks for you help.

  • It looks you created a sysprep tag for computername with nothing in the contents. Remove the sysprep tag that you created, it's not needed for computername, CloneDeploy already does it automatically.

  • thanks. that worked.
    Next I want to add the computer to my domain and move it to a OU. From what I have read on the form (and may have posted about it already) I need a sysprep tag and an unattend file.