Login requested on Group Multicast?

  • Firstly, we discovered Clonedeploy a few days ago when looking for a better alternative to our ageing Ghost solution and we are pretty impressed with it!

    We are starting to configure our environment now, but we have hit an unusual problem(?).

    Under [b]Admin>Security[/b] we have all login options set to "[b]NO[/b]" as we run a segregated imaging environment. If we do an On Demand task etc, all works well and we do not need to intervene and login.

    Due to the number of PCs though, we are now using Groups and multicasting. We Add the PCs to the group, set the image and profile etc and begin the group multicast. The PCs boot and detect an active multicast task, but immediately ask for a login.

    What have we missed?

    Our intention is that we can start these PCs and have them automatically start the multicast tasks unattended. We will also be looking for a way to wake all of the selected PCs via WOL in the future as this is a remote site.


  • You haven't missed anything. It's a known bug. It's actually been fixed for a while now in 1.3.4. I just haven't released it yet. I'll try and release it tomorrow.

  • I have installed 1.3.0 and have the same problem. Otherwise CloneDeploy works brilliantly in my case. Is there any reason for me on install batch 1.3.3 or do I just wait for the 1.3.4 so that multicasting works without login to every single computer. Unicast works just fine for me too (no login prompted).

  • 1.3.4 is available here.
    https://sourceforge.net/projects/clonedeploy/files/CloneDeploy 1.3.0/Patches/1.3.4.zip/download

    I never really advertised it was probably just going to wait until 1.3.5. You can follow the same docs for 1.3.3 to install.