Accessing to USB drive from boot initrd img

  • One change I will probably make is to check for the usb drive before checking the queue and skip the queue if it exists. The queue is there specifically to throttle the number concurrent imaging processes taking place, don't really see the need to wait for usb. Most people are probably using on demand if using usb, but you never know.

  • Good idea. I updated the previous post to reflex this. Added an extra if statement after the checkin, "if [ "$foundImg" == 'false' ]; then" and moved the usb_deployment function to the front of the main function in cd_push.

  • I might have to change something with the scripts. Hopefully you can help me out with this. I cant seem to find where $Image_name is set. After installing the fresh copy of your new release. I noticed that $image_name variable isn't set by the time the usb_deployment function is run. Is there a way I could query for this value?

  • It should be, that process hasn't changed.

    When using a task started from the web it is set from the checkin function from these 2 lines, pulled from the web service
    [code]checkInStatus=$curlAuth --data "computerMac=$mac" "${web}CheckIn" $curlEnd
    for arg in "parse_json "$checkInStatus" .TaskArguments"; do case "$arg" in =) eval "$arg"; log "$arg"; esac; done[/code]

    On demand is similar
    [code]for arg in "$ondemand_arguments"; do case "$arg" in =) eval "$arg"; log "$arg"; esac; done[/code]
    in each push and pull script, the original service is called from the ond script and passed in

  • Oh i see, yea you moved it too high.

  • ah! Thanks I will update this.

  • I discovered a minor issue with this. This does not work with EFI secure boot. EFI can only boot to fat partitions, Rufus puts a special efi partition at the end of the drive when ntfs is selected, it is unsigned and therefore breaks secure boot. If we change Rufus to use a fat32 partition secure boot will work but then the image will be too big for the 4GB fat32 file size limit. Ideally we need to find a way to keep the boot part as fat32 and create an additional ntfs partition for the image.

  • Can partimg split the disk image into 4gb parts? Also i make a fat32 60mb partition on and run the syslinux bat and the make the rest of the drive a ntfs. This allows the efi to work.

  • Very Nice. Looking to do the same thing, but in winPE. Did this get added into any release?
    I am still on 1.2 and wont have time to modify the code for PE any time soon..

  • This has not yet been added. It is currently in the works for Linux and should be available in the next release. WinPE has not been started.