Kernel Downloads URL(s)

  • Good afternoon! Could you provide me with the URL(s) that CD WebUI reaches out to in order to Download new Kernels? I think it's being blocked by our firewall as I'm getting a "Could Not Get Online Kernel List. Internet Access Is Required." message when I go to Admin > Kernel Downloads. I know my server has internet access but we have some strict web filtering.


  • The files are hosted on sourceforge, and they were having problems earlier today. It's not working for me either. Sourceforge appears to be up now but it's still not working, I'm not sure if they changed something. I'll wait a few days to see if it gets fixed, if not I may need to move that option to my server instead of sourceforge.

  • Hey,
    still an issue. Also when I click save button after changing kernel version under boot files it always shows the old 4.13 kernel after refreshing the page.

  • Yes, it won't be fixed until the next release. You can just manually download them and put them in the kernels folder. The boot files page does not save the kernel you selected, it is a one time selection to generate the boot files.