First logon doesn't accept the password

  • I have a clean, default install of Ubuntu 18.04 (beta). Apart from adjusting repository to bionic, and applying systemctl instead of service a couple of times, the instructions worked smoothly. The database creation step took longer than I expected, but complete without errors (not even the error at line 1929).
    All services (apache2, mysql, smbd, tftpd-hpa) show status OK.
    CloneDeploy Web Interface loads OK. Entered Username: clonedeploy, and at this point the Password field refuses to accept a value. The string Password persists and doesn't allow me to overtype or wipe it out. Unsurprisingly, when Log In is pressed at this point, I get a message below: Incorrect Username Or Password.

  • I'll need to test this, either than issue with latest Ubuntu or maybe browser compat.

  • Great hint. Installed Chromium and can now log in... Thanks!