Deploying DualBoat EFI Image Loses EFI Boot Sequence

  • Hey There,

    I have an image all prepped and uploaded that dual boots Windows 10 and Linux Mint via Grub2. I'm able to PXE Boot and upload the image just fine, and conversely I'm able to deploy it just fine - however it appears the EFI boot does not get deployed properly, and WBM takes over meaning I only ever make it back into Windows. I have used CloneZilla in the past to force a whole disk raw image via DD and have confirmed that this method works. Is there a way to force CloneDeploy to do the same? Or is there something else I'm missing?


  • CloneDeploy doesn't do raw images, since like you said there are already tools to do that. Dual boot can be complicated, and CloneDeploy doesn't try to do anything to account for dual boot. It may be that you just need to disable updating the nvram in the image profile deploy options. If you want to attach the upload and deploy logs I can try and see what's going on.

  • Thanks for the reply - I've attached the upload and deploy logs. I didn't see anything about nvram in the image options, but did try disabling fix MBR and use GPT/MBR from image on the deploy options... no luck. Let me know if you see anything.

  • The issue is that you have two efi boot entries pointing to the same partition. One for Windows and one for Ubuntu. CloneDeploy expects only 1 efi boot entry per partition. This is something that could be added in a later release but currently it won't work. It is possible that we could manually modify the image schema and remove the windows efi entry. If you are uploading dual boot images often, it wouldn't be ideal