Disabled Clobber Mode, now cant PXE Boot

  • First of all, fantastic program.

    I was looking for an imaging solution for a big rollout my company is doing and someone suggested using a Multicast solution, Ghost, FOG CloneZilla, even WDS being suggested. Did a bit of research and found CloneDeploy. Having only used WDS before, the basic testing over the weekend went well and was simple enough for even me to follow, so I suggested looking at it further.

    Unicast worked perfectly but had a bit of fun with Multicast usage, which ended up being a Firewall and Switch issue that I had completely overlooked. Managed to get it working and while waiting for the process to complete I was looking through all the settings and found clobber mode. In principle, this is ideal as it is an ad-hoc connection with little or no brain power required by the people setting up the machines. Enabling it and testing, it proved to be pretty good but seemed to start struggling once 3 machines were connected and a 4th would not connect as the queue is full.

    So due to this, I disabled Clobber Mode and went back down the Multicast option. However when trying to reconnect, the initial connection works but then says can't find server, no NIC driver available.

    After various testing, including rebooting Server, switches etc, I have found that it I re-enable Clobber mode, it works again. Disable it, the machines won't boot.

    Is there something else I need to change once Clobber mode is disabled?

    This issue is apparent on machines Clone Deploy has seen before and those that are new.

    Server - Windows Server 2016 Standard running Windows DHCP - Stand-alone, no DC or other Servers on the Subnet.
    PXE boot setup using PXELinux - 4.5 - 4.13 versions tried.

    Clients - DELL Latitude Laptops all same model, spec etc. Secure boot disabled, Legacy ROMs enabled

    Any suggestions / ideas would be great.

    Suggestion to DEV
    Would be useful to add a 'Create and deploy your first Multicast image' tutorial / Guide. Also a bit more info about the different deployment options would be useful to newbie's like me. This is an incredible program with masses of depth so it is easy to get lost without more guidance which could put people off.

  • Switching to / from clobber mode only changes the boot menu, nothing else. You be able to just recreate the default boot menu when clobber is turned off by clicking create boot files in the admin settings boot menu. Are you using proxy dhcp?

    To your point about the documentation. Yes, much more documentation is needed. Since I am sole developer it is difficult to find time. Usually adding features / fixing bugs, wins out over adding documentation, although it something I definitely want to get finished.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes that worked.

    I have to say this is a really impressive bit of software and incredible that you have created this on your own. I understand the documentation always takes a back seat.

    I will see if I can write up a Newbie point of view tutorial / review that might be useful.

  • I can give you access to the wiki if you would like. Or if you just want to post some type of guide here, I'll add to the wiki. Also you mentioned issues with the queue being full, you can adjust the number in the distribution points.