Confused on how to start netboot

  • So i set up a second server to test the new Netboot version of clonedeploy but i'm confused on how to get netboot started. I noticed there is no more ProxyD service on clonedeploy to start, is this intentional? What is the service i need to start for Netboot to broadcast? I added the mew server to the IP helpers on my core but still not seeing it show up when holding down option to boot. Since the service is Netboot and will not be using PXE, i imagine their is no need to add any option to my DHCP server as it the client should see netboot via Bonjour discovery. So what the best way for me to activate Netboot?

  • [quote]I noticed there is no more ProxyD service on clonedeploy to start, is this intentional?[/quote]
    Yes, I removed it from the CloneDeploy installer. It is now only a separate download / install.

    The docs are coming soon. I tried to get them done yesterday, only got about half way. I should be able to finish them today, I'll let you know.

  • Oh ok great thanks! One last quick question though, how should i connecting to the SMB share to upload the NBI? When i try username: clonedeploy password: "new one we changed" when connecting to my server from the mac i made the NBI on using smb:// i keep getting wrong name and password? Is there a certain username and password and share i should be using?

  • The NBI will not go on the SMB share, but you probably need to add workgroup\ before the username. I'll share the secrets soon enough.

  • Nevermind i figured it out. Username:cd_share_rw Password:"new password"

  • Here is the doc I have so far.

    Still a lot more to go, but should get most people started.