Schema creation

  • Hello All,

    In trying to follow through with the guide for ubuntu (I'm using debian in its place), I've successfully gone through every thing and are now at the stage of creating the first image.

    At the present, after login onto the webui and created the first image as per the doc ( I am stuck at booting up the client to upload it. Below are the logs from the server side:

    2018-05-03 14:42:10,354 [Threadpool worker] ERROR CloneDeploy_Services.FilesystemServices Could Not Read Schema File On The Primary Distribution Point
    2018-05-03 14:42:10,371 [Threadpool worker] ERROR CloneDeploy_Services.FilesystemServices Could not find file "xxxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/schema"

    The directory was created when the Image creation was done on the gui - but there were no schema file created. I'm assuming the schema file is created when the computer (client) is uploading?

    I am not able to get the client to boot to the GUI (PXE booting yet) if somehow that needs to be done before the mentioned error is looked at, please let me know.


  • That error can be ignored, it's because you haven't uploaded an image yet. Your problem appears to be that you can't pxe boot, what happens?

  • Thanks for the reply. I found this thread ( which was similar to where I was at and was able to figured out that I needed to changed to Grub, after that I was able to boot. Moving along now, will see where the next issue are.

    Thanks again.