SMB error when deploy image to computer

  • Hello,

    I am newbie with CloneDeploy,

    I have created a image from a Windows 10 virtualized computer (previously prepared with sysprep). I have created it successfully and I have it in my CloneDeploy folder and webui.

    When I try to deploy it to a physical computer I receive the SMB error that can´t connect to server. I have checed that with the console of the boot CD I can access server and mount folders, so users and permissions are ok.

    What can I do?

    Thanks a lot.

  • I can see in the computer log:

    mount: mounting // on /storage failed: Permission denied
    mount: mounting // on /storage failed: Permission denied

  • Well, I dont know why but for some reason the SMB credentials was not working... I changed local users passwords in OS and CD and it works!