Questions about sysprep tags

  • Hi,
    I was just experimenting with the sysprep tags. My undersanding is that if

    is found in the answer file then


    will be replaced by the tag contents (no matter what's in between the tags). So far so good (if my understanding is correct),
    but the only example I could find online used html/xml angle brackets as part of the tagnames. e.g.

    Opening tag: <opening_tag>

    Closing tag: </closing_tag>

    When I try to enter in these tag names, I get the following error:

    [quote]Request validation detected a potentially dangerous input value from the client and aborted the request. This might be an attemp of using cross-site scripting to compromise the security of your site. You can disable request validation using the 'validateRequest=false' attribute in your page or setting it in your machine.config or web.config configuration files. If you disable it, you're encouraged to properly check the input values you get from the client.<br>
    You can get more information on input validation <a href="">here</a>.[/quote]

    It looks like this would be easy to fix, so I have a few questions.

    1. Is this a bug or do I misunderstand tags?
    2. If this is not a bug, do we have to use the xml/html style tags with the angle brackets or is this just recommended practice?

  • Everything you said is correct. The error is an issue when installed on Linux, doesn't affect Windows. Fix can be found here.