Where the source code of client

  • Hi ,
    I am very interested in the CloneDepoy project, and I want to study the source code of this project.
    The source code of clonedeploy on github are about server, winpe builder, installpackage . I don't find where the source code of creating image and deploying image on client . Are these codes on github? How can I get the source code of client?

    Thank you very much!

  • Code is on github as well installed on the CloneDeploy server, they are just some simple scripts that run, one set of scripts for each different imaging environment.


  • Thank you very much!

    In readme file, you said that the start script file(such as "lie_start") are embeded into each Imaging Environment and cannot be changed on the fly. If i want to modify something in the "lie_start" file, how can i do that? How can i embed the new "lie_start" file into Linux imaging environment?

  • I have found the "lie_start" file was into the initrd.xz file. Please let me know that the initrd.xz file was created base on which Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS)? And Which system version ?
    Could you that the method which is to create initrd.xz file with "lie_start"?

    Thank you very much!

  • it is built from embedded Linux. https://buildroot.org/

  • I studied buildroot two days, and try to set the config by using "make menuconfig" command. but it was so complicated. and I didn't make the buildroot successfully.

    can you tell me the detailed steps ?

    1. how to set the config of buildroot?
    2. how to make the our script file into the initrd file?
    3. how to make the "lie_start" script run automatically when linux start?

    Thank you very much!

  • I don't really have detailed instructions. You can just use the existing initrd, mount it, and then make any changes you want. lie_start already starts automatically. It is called by a file named s99cd in etc/init.d. Anything you place in that script will start automatically.