GUI Login failed: Unknown Error With Token API

  • I have followed all the steps including changing the web.config file and I still get unknown Error With Token API error
    My sql is running and I have enclosed logs please help

  • Dear Sir. First of all, thanks for this magnific tool. It's helping me
    a lot, cloning my classroom computers very easy!.

    I have this error on the login screen too: "Unknown Error With Token API"

    Attached, is the error, dumped wen one failed login attempt done.

    This is my setup:

    /proc/version Linux version 4.9.0-0.bpo.8-686-pae (Debian 4.9.2-10+deb8u1)

    mono -V
    Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Mon Aug 6 09:20:25 UTC 2018)
    TLS: __thread
    SIGSEGV: altstack
    Notifications: epoll
    Architecture: x86
    Disabled: none
    Misc: softdebug
    Interpreter: yes
    LLVM: yes(3.6.0svn-mono-/)
    GC: sgen (concurrent by default)

    apt-cache show mono-runtime | grep Version:

    apt-cache show mariadb-server | grep Version
    Version: 10.0.36-0+deb8u1

    In my case, the installation was working perfect, until
    July 2018. In august - 7, it has arrived one upgrade of the
    mono packages:


    And in September, the error is showing, and I can't
    log in again.

    I don't know how to easly downgrade all the mono packages,
    in few commands, without doing it one by one by hand:

    dpkg --get-selections | grep mono | wc

    I can test things, even a new server, x64 with debian 9, but I would like
    to know, as seen very clear in the first line of the error log, where to find
    this Line 37, position 53, to search for the erroneous ' ' character hex 0x20,
    and try to remove it... 🙂

    Again, thanks a lot for your work and this great piece of software!