Hostname not set during image

  • Hi All,

    I am looking at finally shifting away from CrucibleWDS to CloneDeploy.

    I am having issues with when deploying image to machine, the machine does not get set the name set in the CloneDeploy Database.

    Now i have seen threads regarding sysprep however have not used this before, its usually done by registry when I use CrucibleWDS.

    I know others are using CloneDeploy but are using the same registry namechange -> Netdom Scripts as I, but I am using latest version.

    Is this a fault or a removed feature?

    The option in Image Profile Updater -> Deploy Options -> Change Computer Name is set ON.
    Only change made is that I have had to enable Kernel 4.5 for this to work.

    Devices are old windows 7 embedded devices.

  • -Testing Now:
    -Deleted host
    -Went to readd via OnDemand-Addhost
    -Received PXE error (Kernel) - so recreated 4.5 PXE mode / boot menu.
    -Adding device attempt again, boots into screen as intended.
    -Device shows in Computers, amended name, added image and clicked Deploy.
    -pxe booted device, image process starts using Kernel 4.5

    • Image completes
    • Device retains hostname it had from image not what it set on CD.

  • Can you post a deploy log, the name change looks for sysprep file, if not found, it updates the registry.

  • It says it found an answer file and is changing computer name.

    I've never used these however? this is based on images that I have used with CrucibleWDS and that's always done via registry.

    ....... Found Answer File At /Windows/Panther/unattend.xml, Changing Computer Name

    Could you advise what best fix is? Do I delete the file? or remove some entry?

  • Issue resolved by deleting the whole unattend.xml file.

    Is this because in CrucibleWDS (although I never used sysprep) the entry had to be defined within called CrucibleWDS but in CloneDeploy it just needs the file to exist or... has a more generalised linking between the 2 than Crucible had?

  • If you had a sysprep file on the machine but weren't actually using sysprep, it would cause the behavior you described. CloneDeploy just looks for a file, if it's there the registry change doesn't happen, it just assumes the change was made in sysprep.

  • It would of likely had a sysprep file built into the image from testing CrucibleWDS about 3/3 and half years ago and I just removed the CrucibleWDS entry.

    Thanks for confirming.

    Still testing stages but will be making the jump to CD very soon.

    CrucibleWDS been heavily used for over 3 years and has been brill, this so far appears faster and although I few tweaks regarding Kernel settings and the above. Works well.