SSD drive

  • Does CD work with SSD drives? I uploaded an image from a computer with an SSD drive but when I tried to deploy it the GUI just came back with a bunch of strange characters. I've attached the log for reference.


  • It does support SSD. Is this Windows 10, if so what build? Was it clean install of this build or was it upgraded from a previous build.

  • We have an MDT server as well so the "base" was deployed from that server then other software installed.
    The version is 1709

  • Everyone that has reported this issue has been on 1709. So far it is unresolved. I suspect this was upgraded from a previous build, If the image is a clean install of 1709 I don't believe this happens.

  • Thanks for the input. We are already looking at going to 1803. If I get a chance I'll see if I can get it to work.


  • I just released 1.3.5 hopefully to address this issue. Can you test it? You will probably need to upload the image again.

  • Next week things should slow down and hopefully I can do the update and try the test.

  • I did the update and tested using an image that worked in the past (Windows 10 but not 1709) and that worked. However, when I syspreped the 1709 image it failed right after the tech entered his login username password. I've attached a picture of what was on the screen.

  • OK I think I found out the issue. It's was my error, When I created the CD account for this tech I did not setup any ACL's rights for him.
    We have started the new upload and I will report back when the deploy of the new image has been sent.


  • The report I have is that the deployment of the Windows 10 Image was successful.
    If other issue pop up I'll post them here.


  • Thanks for the update.

  • Here is an update on installing 1803.
    I created a VM and installed the OS from an ISO file. That worked fine. I then uploaded the OS to CD. No issues there. Next I deployed to a laptop (HP 3115m) and the install worked but I have no nic drivers. The wireless does work but not the nic. So as an experiment I decided to install W10 1709 but it failed with this error: Parse error: Invalid Numeric Literal At Line 1 column 5
    Could not find additional distribution points. I checked the logs but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
    I've attached then to this post

  • Here is an update. After scanning through the form I find that trying different Kernals may correct the no nic driver problems. I tried 3.18.1 to 4.16.1 and no change. But, I will admit that I pull this "test" laptop from a vacant desk so there may be other issues here. I'll retry my test on a known working computer to see what the results are.
    Details to follow....

  • It sounds like you are missing the nic driver in Windows correct? Changing the kernel won't help you with that, it's only for the imaging process. Since you are building your image from a generic vm it probably just doesn't have the drivers needed for that laptop model. Windows probably doesn't have a generic driver for that nic, you'll need to install the driver on the base image before uploading.