Disk image Schema errors

  • Hello,
    I've just start testing Clonedeploy 1.3.3 using Winpe.

    I've was able to create a new image and upload to 'CloneDeploy', but I was unable to deploy. The error was related to schemas, and it is unable to re-apply it.
    CloneDeploy Web page was also unable to read the schema file associated to the image due malformed schema file.
    After investigation I've found that schema file (JSON) was not correctly formed, script closes with entries "]}" and then adds the second disk.
    As workaround, and allow working I had to edit it and correct manually, but It only worked when I leaved 1 single disk entry, because Web page seems that doesn't like when it has more than one disk. Json file was verified with some online JSON checker like (https://jsonlint.com/ )
    My Windows system is a Windows 2012 with 2 Hard disks, but the problem is not with the exportation, the problem is JSON file creation.


  • I'll look into this, looks like a bug with WinPE when more than one hard drive is used, don't think I've ever tested winpe with multiple hard drives.

  • Powershell script is able to detect multiple disks, and it creates their corresponding WIM files, apparently ok.
    The problem is how JSON file is created, and ended.
    Take a look to the schema file, you will see that second disk is added behind the closed bracket "]" of the first disk.
    I've I manually removed the second disk entry from Json schema file, and then Web page is able to read schema file easily, if not you will see the error in the attached image.