WinPE Scripts bugs

  • Hello,
    Working with the latest winpe scripts I've found some minor bugs.
    I'll have to assign static IP to my systems because I don't have DHCP

    wie_start.ps1 ->
    I had to replace $nicSelection.Add("$($nic.index)","$($nic.Description)")
    by $nicSelection.Add("$($nic.Interfaceindex)","$($nic.Description)")

    And, at least in my case I've uncommented the following
    $nicList = Get-WmiObject -Class "Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration" # -Filter "IpEnabled = TRUE"
    $nicList = Get-WmiObject -Class "Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration" -Filter "IpEnabled = TRUE"

    If is not commented 'debug' interface shows In the list, and some non physical are also checked


  • Thanks, I'll update.