Add site name during discover process

  • Would it be possible to pick the site the computer is to be assigned during the discover process?
    So when you are deploying (or uploading an image) when it asks you to give a name of the computer you are working with you could also pick the site to assign it to from a dropdown menu in the same screen you fill out the computer name.

  • I'll see what I can do. This one is tough because some people don't want to many questions when registering a computer. If I make this change someone will inevitably want it back to the old way.

  • I understand.

  • How about this alternate suggestion.
    On the computer screen setup for group assignments. So you would check all the computer you want to assign to a group then select the group.
    Maybe this would agree with every one?


  • I think I lost you, do mean set the site from the group? If so , that's already possible.

  • Hadn't looked into using Groups but after a quick review I see that I can do that.
    Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.