PXE/Bootmenu issues with Windows 10 Kit

  • Hi,

    When trying to take image of a newer model PC which is native Win10 I am having various issues.

    I have tried different Kernels and PXE modes but it fluctuates on what issue is.

    Either it fails to PXE and I have to change to a x64 kernel (which I have) but when using a kernel that allows PXE I get to the boot menu and the keyboard does not work.

    Most of the kit here is Native Windows7 so would prefer to retain computability with both.

  • Kernel 4.13.2 is set.

    I have plugged in a really old keyboard and this seems be work with the newer device.

  • EFI Variables are not supported on this system.

    This protective MBR 0xEE partition is oversized - Auto-Repairing.

    Should I be worried by this?

  • Is the machine legacy bios or EFI. If it's efi you need to make sure you are using a 64bit kernel and the correct boot loader, such as ipxe efi 64. Your error above indicates that either this machine isn't efi or you didn't pxe boot into efi mode which is a problem.