Could not mount SMB Share (CentOS server)

  • Hi. I've set up CloneDeploy on CentOS and have successfully uploaded a Windows10 Image on it. Now when I'm trying to deploy using CD/USB boot, I'm running into this error

    [code]Could Not Mount SMB Share: net : System error 121 has occurred. At X:wie_global_functions.ps1:188 char:5
    net use s: $sharePath......... The semaphore timeout period has expired.[/code]

    And then ends with could not mount SMB share. Server is not clustered. Does this have to do with the script trying to run the net use command on CentOS? Or is it something else?

    UPDATE June 29 2018 5:10 PM PST

    Hey. I fixed the issue I was getting into. The machine has gone through the deployment task successfully and is now running a good Win10 image.


    After investigating the system error 121 issue, I've found out that the netBIOS name was too long (max 15 chars) after running the command [code]testparm[/code] which is something that should be run after editing the smb.conf file in [code]/etc/samba/smb.conf[/code] (which is done during the Samba Install in the CentOS guide).

    So I changed the netBIOS name by editing the smb.conf file and entered
    [code]netbios name = nameshorterthan15chars [/code] under the [global] settings. Then a reboot of smb with [code]systemctl restart smb[/code] I was able to run deploy tasks fine.

    Hopefully this helps for anyone getting similar problems. Cheers.

  • Fixed the issue. Please refer to the first post I've made.