Generalized Image / Sysprep and Windows Key

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm kinda new to the whole professional deployment process. Maybe some of you guys have an idea with my problem:
    I want to to have an generalized image (sysprep) of my HP 350 G2 WIN10 Prof Notebook. Right now I only got an image without sysprep.

    After deploying the notebook, I want windows to be already activated and each Notebook with its own Key, so the enduser just have to enter a computer name and password.

    As I told im new to the topic, and other forum posts to the topic sysprep didnt help me that much.
    I found in the profile of the image the topic "sysprep" but I dont know what to do there.
    Do I need the Windows Deployment Kit or is it enough to use the local sysprep file and then image the notebook again?

    Kind regards for all tips and advices coming 🙂