Use image/computers database from CD over the cloud from 2 differents places at the same time

  • Hi,

    My situation is: i have 2 offices and i use clonedeploy on windows 10 on the 2 different places. (single server each)

    Is it possible that i can use the one database from images/computers from for 2 clonedeploys over the cloud but the image files are psychical available on the 2 differents places.

    How is the setup of that situation?

  • Are these sites interconnected in any way?

  • Nope ... different places.
    One is my home and the other is my office.
    totally other network ... no VPN available

  • I don't think there is much you can do. You definitely don't want to make CloneDeploy public facing. It doesn't have enough hardening for that. If you want to get creative you could probably make some type of script that dumps the database every so often and uploads it to some type of cloud storage, then the other server could import the db every so often.

  • And on the login screen .. there is possible to use local server of remote?
    But i can choose remote ?
    How works that ?