Deploy seems fine, then fails

  • Hi. This software seems great, so I've stumbled along with trying to get it working (1.3.5 on Windows 7 on isolated LAN).

    I successfully uploaded and deployed one random PC as a test, but now I am back in trouble when trying to do some useful cloning.

    I seem to have captured a laptop image, although the reboots happen so quickly upon error or completion that I can't always read the messages. I uploaded the image twice and it came out the same size, so I guess it is fine. However, upon deployment to an identical laptop, it fails near the end - I think. Below are links to the upload and deploy logs (text files), if someone could have a look please. I tried to attach, but the size (30Kb!!) is apparently too large!

    Thanks for reading,

  • Attachments should be fixed, just moved to a new vps and hadn't updated my php settings yet.

    Few things going on. First it's an efi image so you should be uploading from an efi boot loader, not sure if it's related to your issue or not. Second the issue is happening when trying to expand the filesystem on deployment. In your image profile deploy options try setting Don't Expand Volumes.