Able to change to use D: Drive Instead of C:?

  • Hello,

    I was just wondering if there was a way to switch the drive that stores all the images.
    Would like to change the location of all my images to 😧 drive instead of 😄

    I'm guessing the server would break if I just moved the clonedeploy folder to 😧 drive.
    Anyone tried?

    Also, another quick question. I think I've been rooking it in my cloning process.
    I see these forums about GUID and Sysprepping before you use the image for cloning.
    So, my question is do you need to Sysprep and clear GUID before uploading to your host Server or does clonedeploy cover that.


  • Ah, thank you.

    Do you have any input on my second question?

  • CloneDeploy does not do anything that Sysprep would do for you in terms of generalization. What specifically are you asking about GUID? That could apply to many different things.

  • Is there a need to change the GUID after deployment? I've heard in cloning the GUID stays in same in each deployment and would need to be deleted so it could generate a new GUID.

  • I'm assuming you are talking about the GUID of the hard drive or partition. In my opinion this isn't a problem. When using legacy bios the uuid's are reset, so no problem. When using EFI the original GUID's are restored with the image. This means that when using EFI only, if you put two hard drives in the same machine that were both restored with the same image, the OS might not be able to tell them apart.