Increase Imaging Speed?

  • Hi all,

    I've just started using CloneDeploy, and for the most part everything is great, except that when I try to image more then one one machine my speeds drop off. Yesterday, for instance, I had the 1Gbit port on my server going to a 48 port gigabit switch, and 7 computers plugged into the switch to be image. I started the first computer to imaging, and it was getting just over 1 gigabyte per minute according to the text on the screen. I started the second one, and it started out getting 800 megabytes per minute, but eventually dropped down to around 200 megabytes per minute. I tried to start the 3rd one, and it got to the CloneDeploy menu, where I selected OnDemand task, and then it said "Loading Kernel" and just stopped there. I let it be, and tried to start a fourth machine, and it took several tries in order to get it to PXE boot, and then it hung at the exact same place.

    Is there a way to make this better?

  • Sounds like your CloneDeploy server has a bottleneck. Probably the hard drive. Are you using SSD's or raid array in your server? Most people install CloneDeploy on a spare PC where the specs aren't that great. That's why the default queue size for the distribution point is set to 2.

  • It's an older server, so the specs aren't great. HD wise, it's a 7200 RPM drive with a large amount of cache. I pulled up the resource manager, and the HD was only showing about 25% utilization, while the network was maxed out.

    If I increase the queue number, will it let me attach the more devices?

    What about load balancing? Anyway to make them have average speeds instead one of the first one being relatively fast and the subsequent ones getting slower?

  • Increasing the queue would probably make things worse. If you are imaging multiple machines at the same time you should probably be multicasting.

    The best solution is to using clustering. Setup multiple SMB shares, they can be new one's or use an existing file server. Then you setup CloneDeploy to pull images from all of the available distribution points. Each client will automatically pick the smb share with the least connections. This way your CloneDeploy server isn't doing any heavy lifting, it just a web interface and tftp server.