Imaging High Sierra

  • I'm trying setup new image with new Apple MacBook Pro with High Sierra that only has usb c connection. After setting up the mac environment and copying up necessary files, I cannot find a way to boot off the network so I created a bootable usb from the Netboot.dmg
    I am able to boot and connect to the clonedeploy server but run into the attached error during upload and download.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • I have mostly given up on Apple imaging. It's being removed in the next version of CloneDeploy. Apple clearly doesn't want people to image, it's getting hard to fight it and look for workarounds, so I'm just walking away from Apple.

    You could try changing the create partitions method in the image profile deploy options.

  • Tested changing profile deploy options to destination: /dev/disk0 but coming across the attached issue.
    Not sure why it is throwing the error or reading incorrect hd size, both have the same size hard drive.

    Thanks for the support.