MultiCasting Issues

  • I was trying to multicast to two units, but it doesn't look like it wants to start. Even hitting any key to send the go, doesn't seem to work. If I setup to multicast to one machine, it start up right away and images it. Can you think of what I could be doing wrong? It should start when all the machine have checked in, right?

  • This exactly describes the issue with a network when multicasting across subnets. It is most likely a network config issue. Yes it should start automatically or when you press a key. The fact that it works with one client means that everything is setup properly with CloneDeploy. When only using 1 client it switches the multicast address of to just the ip of the CloneDeploy server, so basically a unicast but without using the smb share. If I remember correctly but still using the udpcast program. Here is some docs from my last program for troubleshooting multicast, slightly different but still valid.