CloneDeploy white label/commercial license

  • Hello there:

    I'm inquiring about CloneDeploy utility, on behalf of a start up company, QIT, doing business in the digital signage and self serve terminal space. We need a white label solution of your CloneDeploy utility, to facilitate imaging, managing, and deploying OS, applications, patches, etc. to our bare metal appliances that will be deployed. Do you have a white label solution? Please advise.

    Fatai Obasuyi
    P: 214-394-5384

  • CloneDeploy is open source licensed under GPLv3. You can do what you want with it as long as it stays open source. CloneDeploy is only an imaging solution, it does not manage devices after they are imaged.

  • Maybe this is a bit off topic but I've set things up so clonedeploy installs the salt management system (by copying the necessary files over to windows/setup/scripts. This results in a fluid transition from deployment (using CloneDeploy) to management (using salt). I'm not autojoining the machines at the moment however because our business process for naming and joining is a bit ad hoc.

    Edit the salt id's (names) we use remain static for the life of the computer. The windows names can change depending on deployment usage. In the CloneDeploysystem the computers have the salt names. They are given those names on deployement sand the salt installer picks up that name (and uses that salt id from thence forth). Computers are also physically labeled with the salt ID's. The Windows computer names will change to something else before domain joining. It would seem logical that a similar approach could be taken depending on which management system you want to go with (be it salt puppet ansible, or various windows tools etc.)