Assign image to multiple computers

  • Hi,

    First of all: GREAT SOFTWARE!! It is saving us a lot of time and money. I have 2 questions:

    1. Is there any way to assign an image to multiple computers at the same time? At this moment I am entering PCs one by one and selecting its image.
    2. Is there any way to save the destination when deploy a modified schema forever? At this moment, I have a Master PC which I use to create images, it has 2 hard drives, but I just one 😄 drive (SSD). I upload the schema, then upload the /dev/sda which corresponds with 😄 drive. Then on deploy options I select Modify Schema and choose /dev/sda with all its partitions and ensures that the destination is /dev/sda (if I don't define this, it will use /dev/sdb, idk why...?). So everytime I update the image with a new one, I need to do all those steps again.
    3. This is not a question, just a bug report: Checkbox for Only upload schema is not working (I know there is a workaround but, is there any ETA to fix it?)

    Thank you very much, we are considering to donate some money to support this project. You really REALLY deseve it.

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  • Thanks,

    1.) Just put them in a group and use the group properties to define whatever you want for each comuter in the group

    2.) There is currently no way to do that, the schema is erased on each upload. We could probably work around it by passing an argument, similar to question 3.

    3.) It is fixed, but not released yet. 1.4.0 is basically done, but there were a lot of changes done to the Linux imaging environment. I still need to do a lot of testing before I can release it, unfortunately I haven't had much extra time lately.

  • Thanks for the quick answer.

    Regarding point 1. I assigned my computers to a group, and assigned an image to that group. As soon as I did that, the image assigned to every single computer dissappeared and resetted to default.

    I tried to restore 5 pcs via Multicast, but it stayed hung. My first question is: if I try to Unicast restore a PC after adding it to a group with an image assigned, will it restore with that image even if the PC itself does not have an assigned image?

    And my second question is: Why Multicast is always hanging?

    Thanks again,

  • Groups have two different images. The multicast image, and the computer properties image. Whatever is set in the computer properties will be used for unicast. Make sure you check the set as default for new group members box. Then specify the image and image profile.

    Multicast usually hangs if your network is not configured properly, or if your CloneDeploy server has multiple nics, it might be using the wrong one.

  • I tried again today with no luck. I have set a group of PC's, then assigned an image (once I do this, the computer assigned image is gone), then started a new group task MULTICAST. I restart the computers and they just load everything but stays hang.
    You can see the attachments.

  • Hi regarding to mutlicast, did you configured the multicast in image profile?

    For instance to make it works in my enviroment I had to configure these two things in my image profiles:

    [code]Sender Arguments:

    Receiver Arguments:

    With for instance :

    [code]--interface[/code] for Sender Arguments, which tell that for this session, the server will send the image using this IP.

    and [code]--mcast-rdv-address[/code] for Receiver Arguments wich the client the server has the IP