DHCP Request 2 not completed

  • So I originally set up tftpd32 when I did the install and the DHCP server was working fine. I hadn't restarted the machine for fear something would break, and it did. Last night we had a storm and it knocked the power out, the machine wasn't on a UPS so the machine restarted. Today, the machine hosting the DHCP will receive the IP request, propose an IP address, and then it fails to assign the PXE booting machine that address.

    Is there anything you can think of that the installer does, that doesn't happen when the service gets started normally? None of my settings have changed from the tutorial. I already had "Ping before Assignation" unchecked because I'd heard about some problems with it. The switch I'm using is a gigabit switch, the network is isolated and the settings are exactly the same on EVERYTHING since I finished setting CD up.

  • The installer does not do much with tftpd32, it simply copies the tftpd32 folder with the settings already configured in the ini file and installs and starts the service. A reboot definitely should not cause issues, I reboot mine all the time.

  • So, you can't think of any reason why it wouldn't correctly send the addresses even though nothing has changed since it was setup and working?

  • Not really, dhcp should be pretty basic. You could try to use the newest version of tftpd32. Just stop your existing service, try the standalone version and set it up the same way. I've always had more success with the old versions though.


  • When i downloaded the new version and set the settings up again it instantly fixed my problem! Thank you for the suggestion!