Network card utilization

  • So i have got to mention ive been using clone deploy for years at my company and it works wonders. But i was peering at the task manager one day and noticed my one ethernet port was always at 99% utilization and i remembered my server does have another NIC port so i was wondering if its possible to split the load between computers that have more then one network card.

    I.E. each computer that connects would jump to one of the static ips for that one server to allow it to randonmly distribute computers deploying from it? I briefly looked through the menu and i did notice a section called alternative server ips but i couldnt find any technical documents on your wiki about this or generally this ability figured I'd ask.

    Also im on 1.3.5

  • Hi,

    I use CloneDeploy for months now and we intall between 100 and 300 computers per week.
    I use the alternate server IPs but not as you want. (I read quickly, sorry if i did not well understoud)
    In fact I use vlans for several classroom and I have a dedicated vlan for each classroom.
    So my CD server has vlan interface for each classroom and I have to access the server via each alternate
    server IPs.

    Then, for your request, I don't what is your hardware, how your windows is installed, but for instance some of my servers are Virtualized Windows on ESXI. The hardware have serveral nics and is connected to
    a cisco switch that support etherchannel. I do IP hashing and the traffic is split on all the nics.

    I pretty sure the a Windows 2k12 server is able to do such things, associated with the right hardware.

    I hope I have been clear enough.

  • You should be able to achieve what you want through cluster groups. Typically they are for having multiple SMB shares spread across multiple servers, but you should be able to do this on the same server also.

    Begin by making another distribution point with all settings the same as the other other, except for the ip, use the other nic ip.

    Change your server mode to cluster primary under cluster. Create a new cluster group, set it as default, assign both distribution points to it.

    Should be it. Now your clients will automatically load balance b/w the 2 distribution points, with one being tied to each nic.

  • Note that there is a problem with this solution: boot files are not created meaning you have to manually log into CloneDeploy to get a task started instead of it PXE booting right into it. See for a patch