Deploy over WIFI

  • Hello ,

    is it possilbe to image computers over wifi, with the USB boot?
    I have several Clients where I wold prefer to image they over wifi.
    Is it possilble to install the Driver for the WIFI nic on the USB and to set the WIFI Key?

    Thanks for any help

  • No, sorry, been asked before. There are a lot of missing components / scripts that would need modified to make this work.

  • thank you for the fast answer.

    I can understand that for the Linux enviroment some components / scripts need to be modified,
    but Isn't it possiple to adding the WIFI driver in the WINPE enviroment, I can't see a problem when I try it with the WinPE?

  • Not sure, you'll need to do some research. To start you'll need to build winpe with wireless support enabled. According to Microsoft there is WinPE Wifi Package, but there is also a note that says Windows PE doesn't support general wireless networking functions, whatever that means?

    Network/WinPE-WiFi-Package WinPE-WiFi-Package is used by Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) for built-in recovery functions. This package is included in the base winre.wim file.

    Note: Windows PE and Windows RE don't support general wireless networking functions.