Scheduled Deployment

  • Hello, I've been trying to use Clonedeploy to deploy 10 computers.
    My problem now is that I want to have that process automated, meaning no input needed whatsoever.
    Now the problem is that that should only happen on a schedule, meaning Monday to Friday the computers should be able to just boot normally and then on the weekend I want them to re-deploy, so that they are fresh and clean for the next week.
    Permanent Deploy is not an option, as the computers have to be able to reboot without redeployment during the week.
    I thought about creating a script with the API, but I can't find any documentation about the API, other then the Authorization process.
    Any help on how I could achieve my goal?
    Thanks in advance,

  • The api would be your only option to make this happen. Have you read the api documentation and looked at Swagger on your server?

  • Sorry I totally missed Swagger. I think I found what I was looking for. Thanks!