Images missing from OnD after update. Workaround included.

  • Hello,
    I believe that I have found a bug and a possible workaround for others in the same situation. I has happened on 2 different servers.

    I had a version 1.0.1p3 before the update.
    My image storage was moved to D:\clonedeploy\ and worked fine.
    Edit: Running on Windows Server 2012R2.

    [h]What happened:[/h]
    Followed instructions to the letter and update to 1.1 was successful.
    When I tried to pxeboot to On Demand deployment, all of my images were gone.
    However, in the web interface they were all still there and seemingly nothing had changed. I tried creating a new image in the web interface and found out that on the image search overview, the old images had nothing below [i][b]Imaging Environment[/b][/i] while the newly created one said [i]linux[/i].
    I tried to update the images with new names, but it didn't help. The drop-down menu for [i][b]Client Imaging Environment[/b][/i] was not responsive.

    [h]Solution:[/h] The workaround for this is to create new images and then copy the files and folders from the old images into the folders of the new ones. It will then work and you can boot from them again.

  • Thanks for reporting this. I'll release a fix soon.

  • Thank you for a great program and the service you provide.

  • Can confirm, happened to me after upgrade. Didn't make any changes to my setup. The included work around appears to have worked.

  • Was fixed in 1.1.1

  • I'm on 1.1.1. Unless I did something wrong, which it doesn't seem like I did.

  • Will need to wait for feedback from others. Working for me

  • Maybe my issue was entirely different, but looked the same. I wasn't able to use my images after the upgrade because they didn't have the "Linux" tag for the Imaging Environment.

    1. I made a new image with all the settings I needed.
    2. Renamed the appropriate folder in cd_dp for the previous image (pre 1.1.1) to name.bak.
    3. Deleted the listed image in CD.
    4. Renamed the newly created 1.1.1 image, to the previous name
    5. Deleted the empty folder and renamed the name.bak back to name.

    I don't know if that made sense, but that's all I had to do to fix it.

  • Yes that makes sense, but I just tested this entire process and seems to be working.
    Installed 1.0.1
    Captured an image
    Updated to 1.1.0
    Updated to 1.1.1
    Deployed the image from both web and on demand and both worked