Nvme disks - Could Not Create Partition Layout

  • Hi everybody,

    we have problems with deploying images on nvme disks.

    One master of images has a 250 GB ssd disk and the other has a 250 GB nvme disk. While deploying every nvme disk model can react different. Either it works or not. The disk size is equal or greater to the masters. Somethimes I have luck with the ssd image or with the nvme.
    I dont unterstand why. The failure is always the same: Could Not Create Partition Layout
    He breakes up while partitioning.
    Now I have an nvme samsung 500 GB 970 evo and i can't go on.

    Can you help?

  • can you attach the upload log and a failed deploy log

  • Hi,

    here the attachements.

    best regards

  • This isn't a problem with nvme but instead your partition layout. It's very odd, starts at sector 63 and has 7 partitions, I think CloneDeploy is having trouble handling the layout. Since this isn't efi you must be using logical partitons on Windows, is that a requirement for you?

  • Hi,

    we have a primary 39 MB Partition with a bootloader, primary 80 GB Partition for windows and then an extended partition with 3-4 logical partitions.

    I try to reformate one of my masters and clone partitions. After that I will see what happens on deploying next time.

    Do you know why only nvme has this problem?

  • I would need to see a deploy log for a working one without nvme. I believe the issue is all because of the starting sector 63, it appears to be causing the problem. Starting the partitions at sector 63 hasn't been done since Windows XP. From the looks of it, using CloneDeploy with more than 1 partition if the first partition starts at 63 will cause problems.

  • Hi,

    log is attached from a succesfully installed ssd.

  • Hi,

    rebuilding the partitions was a perfect tip. With the new uploaded image all non functional nvme disks can be deployed successfull.
    Thanks for that 🙂

    Best regards