Help with Remap File - WinPe EFI Boot and Linux

  • Hello, I have recently started the process of trying to use the WinPE function of CloneDeploy v1.3.5, on a Linux Ubuntu 16 VM. I was able to successfully merge the files, chowned and chmodded the provided files with the CloneDeploy WinPE Builder however I receive the error in the picture below. I have the remap file however I am unsure how to use it. See below.

    #Replace any incoming requests for a \ with / <----(I'm unsure where this is changed)
    rg \ / <----(Not sure what this means)
    #Change all request starting with /Boot/ to /boot/ <----(understood)
    #As of WinPE Builder 1.2.1 the next line should not be needed. Commented out. <----(This applicable to my version, I was unable to find 1.2.1 anywhere so I assume the project was renamed)

    #r ^(/Boot/) \L\1 <----(this line get commented out, i'm not sure where the line is though)

  • You don't need to change the file, just put it in your tftpboot directory, then

    Modify /etc/default/tftpd-hpa
    Add [code]-m /tftpboot/remap[/code] to the tftp options

    restart tftp service

    You can get pe builder 1.2.1 from the downloads page

  • I got it working, thanks for the help. I posted a new topic for support though.